Fidag and you

Fidag works alongside you, offering ongoing support. Readily available and highly attentive, its employees have all the expertise required to offer a high-quality service, conducted in the spirit of partnership and conviviality.

from A to Z

Fidag is a fiduciary company offering a global and integrated state-of-the-art service that covers all the needs and expectations of an SME, whether in tax advice, accountancy or auditing. The expertise developed by Fidag is also able to meet the various specific needs of your company.

Attentive to the market

Our experts are involved in politics and various economic sectors and have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of an SME and the challenges it faces.

Among its highly qualified staff, Fidag has 30 employees with diplomas as Swiss certified public accountants, Swiss certified tax experts, Swiss certified fiduciary experts or finance and controlling experts, and 29 employees with diplomas as finance and accounting specialists.

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Did you know?

Fidag is a fiduciary company of entrepreneurs that supports entrepreneurs.

Our philosophy

  • A responsible company
  • An efficient and pragmatic client-oriented organisation
  • Personalised, high-quality services
  • Relationships based on respect, listening and trust
  • Employees who can evolve and develop according to their aspirations
  • The will to play an important social role and contribute to sustainable development

Our Values

  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Proximity
  • Dynamism
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect

and local

As a responsible ISO 14001-certified company, Fidag makes a significant contribution to the economy as well as supporting local institutions and organisations. Fidag trains numerous apprentices, promotes continuing education among its employees and supports their reintegration into employment.