Fidag recognized as one of the best fiduciary companies in Switzerland

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Fidag recognized as one of the best fiduciary companies in Switzerland

Result of a survey conducted by Le Temps and Bilanz in cooperation with Statista

According to the latest survey conducted by Le Temps and Bilanz, Fidag ranks 19th in the Top 100 Swiss fiduciary companies (Le Temps, November 4, 2020 edition).


As the author of the article rightly points out, “For businesses, fiduciary agents are a bit of a trump card up their sleeves.”


Accountants, experts, tax specialists and even lawyers support both companies and private individuals on a daily basis. Their expertise makes it possible to detect problems upstream, resolve them or even optimize complicated issues.


Fiduciary activity is not a protected area. Everyone can thus claim to advise companies and private individuals. It may therefore prove more difficult to find professionals who are able to support you and meet your expectations.

Fidag ranked 19th among the 100 best fiduciary companies in Switzerland

The survey covered several thousand fiduciary professionals and their clients. Based on the recommendations of the latter, a generic classification and by sector of activity has been established.


In the end, Fidag ranks 19th in the Top 100 of Swiss fiduciary companies, down just a few places from the “Big Four”. However, Fidag’s customer base is very different from that of the “Big Four”. We offer our wide range of services to a diverse customer base both in terms of size and business sectors.

Fidag highly recommended in 8 service lines

In addition to the overall result of the survey, Fidag also won 8 distinctions for its specializations. These are the following sectors:


  • Controlling & reporting
  • Foundations & Associations
  • Business Planning & Budgeting
  • Personnel administration & social insurance
  • Creation and liquidation of companies
  • Business Administration
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Inheritance Law


These recommendations confirm the growing importance of expertise and advice within fiduciary companies in addition to more classic accounting, taxation or auditing services.

Fidag and you

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